10 Things to Pray For During the Happy, Sad, or Hard Times.

Prayer. It is such a gift to have a direct line to the Heavenly Father. Long before technology was even a thing imagined, God gave us access to the best possible kind, AND we can reach him anytime, anyplace, regarding anything.

10 Things to Pray For  

1. Words to Say

Don’t think, just pray. Pray while you think of what to pray. If you don’t know where to begin start by asking God for some help. God isn’t like the people on this earth who care about the words you choose. As long as your heart is there, and you hold tight to the belief that through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ your sins are forgiven…that’s the only start you really need.

2. Help

It’s easy to get lost and forget that God is here to help us. He doesn’t always answer in the way we might like, and his timing doesn’t always match our ideal window, but we can pray for help of any kind.

3. Releasing Anger

If you’re upset about something and just can’t let it go, a prayer can help you find strength to let go, and let God. A memory etched in my mind is of my mom giving me [at the time one very angry high school girl] advice about holding onto anger. As I huffed and puffed about a situation I was upset over, my mom told me that the girl I was mad at probably wasn’t even thinking about me. “Why give your energy to someone who probably isn’t thinking about you for a second?” She also gave me her speech about never going to bed angry. It is so much clearer now looking back. Of course things happen that make us mad and upset, but we need to find a way to let them go to move on with our own lives. If we can’t, we should pray until we can. God will give you peace. You may not get a resolution, or understanding, but God will work in your heart if you pray hard and long enough to move on with your life.

4. Strength to Forgive

Letting go of anger and forgiveness go hand in hand, although for those BIG things, forgiveness can be as hard if not harder. The best way I know to find the heart to forgive, is to look in the mirror and think of all the forgiveness Jesus has allowed me. Jesus responded to the question of how many times one should forgive their brother with 70×7. Jesus didn’t mean forgive 707 times and then you’re clear to move on. Forgiveness is a gift that’s been given to us by our Savior. Sometimes the greatest gift of forgiveness is forgiving myself, or someone else. In my experience forgiveness is freeing every time. Even if it is undeserved. Especially if undeserved. Keeping my reflection close reminds me that I should be quick to forgive others knowing I am a sinner. Just like with anger if you can’t forgive, pray for the heart that eventually can.

5. A Grateful Heart

I am a firm believer that the true key to happiness is having a grateful heart. If you look around there is so much to be thankful for. If you’re feeling down give a heartfelt thank you to someone by giving them a call, text, or better yet a hand written card or note.

6. Wisdom

It’s tough sometimes to step back from controlling our own lives and say Jesus I need your wisdom. We don’t know it all, He does. What a beautiful gift to be able to ask him to give us his infinite wisdom. Along with any wisdom I’ve ever asked for I have always been granted peace following the prayer.

7. Childlike Faith

Speaking of wisdom, a wise teacher Mr. Marv Erdman once told me that a person should never become so intelligent that they lose their childlike faith. If there is something testing your faith, you may need to ask for guidance in finding your childlike faith. Put your trust in Jesus, and he will sustain you.

8. Peace

In our chaotic, sin filled world, peace can only truly come from our Lord and Savior. There is no other way to feel it than through divine intervention. Pray for one of the many types of peace: inner peace, peace on earth, peace in our relationships, peace in our family. You choose the peace that your heart needs most or better yet pray for multiple types of peace in one sitting. Even if you don’t need peace right now, you know someone who does if you think long enough.

Here are some types of inner peace that you may want to pray for:  Pray for peace from comparing yourself to others, peace from unhealthy lifestyles, peace for the broken hearted, peace for our families, and the list could go on to an infinite number number. See how I found peace through my 30 day social media elimination diet.

9. Placing God First

Pray for making God your first priority, and know that everything else will be in His care. I often struggle with loving God more than my children. I know that in reality they are His children and I have been blessed to keep them in my care. Maybe there is something else in your life that you keep putting first: money, your spouse, job. Pray to keep God the biggest priority in your life.

10.  Releasing Our Need to Control

I saved the best for last. What a merciful God to take control of our lives for us. He has a plan, and we will flourish through it when we look to Him.

In a world that focuses on social media, it is no wonder that so many let God take a backseat. Posts scream that we ourselves alone are powerful and in control of change. God absolutely wants us to be bold and confident in our own abilities. He wants positive changes for our lives, he is after all our Heavenly Father that wants the best for us. The best for us is to remember that ultimately He is in control, and we should live our lives for him. He wants us to rely on him when our willpower runs thin, or our strength runs out. He will give us all the strength we need to reach our goals.