I have committed to a 30 Day Social Media Elimination Diet. You read that right; I am doing it and can already see that it is not a fad diet. Cold turkey I cut all of my access to Facebook/Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest. I am not cutting myself off from my own personal blog however, which is why I am still here sharing my journey. 🙂

WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Decide for yourself if any of my reasons for quitting resonate with you. 




There are a few main reasons that I am trying out a full blown social media cleanse.


    1. I lost my mom and best friend to a cancer battle 21 days after having my now seven month old son. I am still working on accepting life without her, and my hope is that a social media cleanse will be a healthy way to continue my grieving, and further the healing process as I learn my new normal without her on this earth.
    2. I want my life to be about living, praying, and loving which all require looking up.
    3. Social media the way I’m using it bids productivity farewell.
    4. I’m ready to stop whining about feeling overwhelmed as a mother of two kids two and under. I’m opening my eyes to the possibility that some, if not most of these feelings can be alleviated by using my time more wisely.
    5. My priority isn’t social media, so why am I giving away so much of my day to it?
    6. I won’t look back on my life one day and say “I’m so proud of all the loves I gave to others on Facebook” or “I’m honored at how many people liked my posts on Facebook.”
    7. My mind feels like it is on a racetrack where my thoughts constantly circle, but never get to actually finish the race.
    8. Last but not least, losing my loving mother reminds me that time is far too precious to waste on purpose (I don’t purposely waste time but I allow it). 
    9. I am sick of the guilt!!!! I am a people pleaser to the core. I have come to realize however that here is no legitimate reason that I have to wish a friend I haven’t spoken to since 9th grade a happy birthday just because I see that it is her birthday.  As much as I want to believe it will make her day more magical it probably will not, and her birthday will still be okay if I don’t wish her a special day.
    10. My time is limited We are all busy, busy with the things we choose to be busy with. I know it has already been said, but I feel the need to clarify that social media is NOT or at least SHOULD NOT be my priority.




Lights out for the night….stay with me on this journey folks! Please feel free to share this post! 

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As day one of my personal challenge comes to a close, I am eager for positive changes to continue as I complete the upcoming 29 days. I won’t get into the reasons that I enjoy social media because I think anyone reading a blog post understands them. To be clear, I’m not planning on giving up my connections for good. I just need to reduce my personal usage which I believe will benefit me and my family.

To my dismay, on this first day  I caught myself phone in hand, finger at the ready for my habitual swipes countless more times than I ever would have guessed would happen during a typical day. These grabs happened mostly when I was bored, stressed, irritated, and/or alone (which hardly happens with kids…). I never reached for it during the moments I was truly present with my kids, husband or self. After so many absent minded attempts at a swipe I resorted to deleting my Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram off of my phone for the remainder of the challenge.

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