My goal is to inspire mothers to enjoy each day through the power of  faith, a little coffee, and lots of prayer.

I am a christian mother of two kiddos under 2 (19 months apart), just trying to live a joyful life with my hubby of 5 years. Reading devotions has been a love of mine ever since I went to my small grade school – shoutout to the now closed St. Paul’s Lutheran Wilbert! As a mom my day runs on coffee, love, and a whole lot of prayer!

It is not possible for me to complete the about me section without mentioning the biggest inspiration to join the blogosphere, my mom. My mom passed away this past New Year’s Eve after a 4 year cancer battle. Throughout that journey she always kept a grateful attitude. She was always thankful for another day, and celebrated every “normal” day that she was blessed with. About two years into her cancer journey she began responding to the everyday,  “How are you?” question with “GRATEFUL.”  Her unwavering faith and belief in His plan inspire me to be a better christian, mother, wife, sister, and friend every day. I’ll always love her to heaven and back. She was always my biggest fan for everything, and always supported my love of writing.